Privacy matters

Analytics should always be minimal, 100% anonymous, aggregated, and open to the public - otherwise it’s spying.

We believe in your right to anonymity and privacy. We believe in creating games worth paying for, not exploiting you for money.

Our systems gather the smallest amount of data needed to learn how to actually improve our games, and to prove it we give you and everyone else 100% full access to all our data and tools.

We aren’t interested in spying on you

Modern game companies employ teams of world-class experts to spy on you and your kids by recording nearly every single interaction you have with games. They analyze the data, crunch the numbers, and make small adjustments to find the best ways to extract as much money as possible from you. They hire human behavioral specialists to make their games more addictive, sell you more DLC, and introduce gambling mechanics to get children addicted to paying to win.

We vehemently oppose this, we just want to make games so good that you want to pay us for them.

View our web analytics

You can view 100% of our web analytics at

We collect all data using a self-hosted instance of the open source server:

By using Plausible Analytics, all the site measurement is carried out absolutely anonymously. Cookies are not set and no personal data is collected. All data is in aggregate only. The website owner gets some actionable data to help them learn and improve, while the visitor keeps having a nice and enjoyable experience.

Game analytics

As our games are still in development, we have no systems gathering analytics aside from web analytics mentioned above at this time.