We've only just begun

Mach engine is only 6 months old, it is still in very early stages of development.

While it is improving rapidly, we encourage being skeptical until we deliver on our promise. Stay tuned.

Low level, but like never before

Mach engine is written in the Zig programming language, a successor to C with blazing fast performance, safety, compile-time code execution and more.

Fast iteration & compile times, effortless cross-compilation, and zero reliance on system dependencies come out of the box with Mach. Just push button to start.

Code and tools for everyone

We're not just building a new engine, we're building a suite of tools and libraries for all to use-with Mach, other engines, and even not for game developers at all-we want the tools and libraries we build to benefit you.

One example of this is how we're making Dawn (Google Chrome's WebGPU implementation) easier to build and cross compile with nothing more than zig and git, which other projects outside the Zig ecosystem can benefit from in the future.

Reaching Mach 1

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Timeline for completion is not yet well-defined. Plans will change over time.

We encourage being skeptical of any promise we make until we actually deliver on it!

Open source, sustainable

100% open source, licensed under Apache or MIT at your choosing. We are firm believers in open source, have played open source games and worked with open source game engines for over 13 years. We operate on a mix of donations and self-funding. Hexops in the future will also sell games to sustain development-not engines or tools.


The following people sponsor @slimsag on GitHub for his work on Mach engine, zigmonthly.org, and/or other projects:


Mach engine is primarily being developed by @slimsag, however the following people have made contributions on GitHub both small and large to Mach itself as well as the libraries we maintain for use in Mach and other projects alike:

Follow along

Find all of the latest news & updates about Mach engine on devlog.hexops.com and follow on Twitter.

Get involved

If this all sounds appealing to you, you can get involved over on GitHub and join us on Matrix chat!