About Hexops

Hexops was created by Stephen Gutekanst, who has thus far led an arduous journey into game development, spending 4 years learning about game engines full-time, 7 years building developer tools and a thriving startup, Sourcegraph. Over the past few years he has been working double-time writing code 100 hours/week working towards executing on a self-funded 10 year game development vision.

Where are we today?

Currently Mach engine is where almost all of my time goes, we’re laying the groundwork for some future games at present. Development of Mach engine is full-time for me, around ~55h/week, with ad-hoc part-time contributions from others. I additionally hold a full-time position ~48h/week at Sourcegraph.

In the coming years, I anticipate shifting 100% of my time to Hexops and embarking on a self-funded 10-year journey to make some games. We’re not there yet.

Where are we going?

One of the reasons I chose to join a dev tools startup out of school instead of going into the gamedev industry is because that industry is so fundamentally broken. From companies like EA games* edging towards quite literally getting children addicted to gambling, to companies like Telltale Games* violating federal labor laws, to companies like Blizzard* having rampant and systemic sexual harrasment in their DNA.

Feedback from players goes entirely neglected, or leads to empty promises from PR teams. There are pushes for DLC, pre-orders, and early-access games to drive profits. Quality suffers. Even Valve, my favorite game company, neglects their games as their Steam marketplace dominance is more valuable than producing games.

Game companies are in a race to the bottom-we’d like to make this a race to the top by releasing games you want to pay for.

* Allegedly